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Digital Speed of Service Solutions

With customer behavior driving change, it’s time to use digital transformation to optimize your Drive-Thru.

We'll help you improve your revenue, staff utilization, order accuracy and decrease queues by providing an integrated solution.

Smart Real-time Technology

Fingermark™ is the leading digital solution company for the QSR industry. Our smart digital solutions enable you to communicate with your customers in a simple and engaging way.

From the customer’s arrival at your restaurant to the delivery of fresh food, Fingermark™ is by your side, helping your customers order quickly and easily, and your staff to make informed decisions.

Our solutions work standalone or better together as an ecosystem. Fingermark™ design fit-for-purpose solutions for QSRs with real-time and predictive business analytics that are deployed through next generation digital hardware.

How can Eyecue™ help your business?

Eyecue™ is the next generation customer journey system enhancing visibility and insights for a smarter, more efficient restaurant performance and customer experience.

Designed for the unique requirements of the drive thru – using specialized artificial intelligence (AI) technology – Eyecue™ empowers your team to make better, more timely decisions, drive improvements in overall restaurant performance, and ultimately, a better customer experience.

Serve customers


seconds faster*



More Customers**


Customer Satisfaction


team management

*Average improvement in service time at Eyecue’s 10 busiest drive-thrus (1000+ cars per day) over three months.
**Average increase in vehicles at Eyecue’s 10 busiest drive-thrus over three months.

How does it work?

Eyecue™ is a specialised Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that uses video footage from cameras strategically positioned around your drive-thru to track and time customers and staff interactions with customers.

It then uses this powerful data to present easy-to-read, live, customisable dashboards to staff, enabling them to operate more efficiently, offer a better customer experience and speed up the drive-thru.

Benefits of Eyecue™

Speed, accuracy & precision
Eyecue™ enables your QSR to provide an increased speed of service time of 6 seconds, serving 17% more customers, and it’s highly accurate at detecting vehicles.

Visibility & intelligence
With the power of AI, real-time data of the total customer journey (including pull forward and wait bays) is captured and used to empower your team to take immediate action.

Versatile functionality
A future proofed system, Eyecue™ has an open API structure for integration to emerging technologies.

It's a partnership

Shane Leonard - Owner, KFC Lilydale Australia

“The service levels were amazing, back to the distant old days where a company really cherished its customers.”

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